Tech Talk: Philly firm introduces Loopy, a robot for kids

LocoRobo, a tech firm based in Philadelphia, has launched a KickStarter campaign to manufacture its latest gadget -- a 3-inch tall robot for children named "Loopy." The company says Loopy's artificial intelligence and senor systems allow the toy to learn and grow over time. (Photo courtesy of LocoRobo.)

Philly-based LocoRobo, makers of STEM learning tools for kids, just launched a $20,000 KickStarter campaign aimed to help manufacture its latest creation: a tiny programmable robot called Loopy.

The company, founded by Drexel University Ph.D. Pramod Abichandani, says Loopy’s AI and on-board sensors allow the toy to “learn and grow over time, personalize his responses to his human companion, and react to the world around him,” writes Roberto Torres at

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“Social robotics for children has been a research area of interest for me since my days at Drexel,” the researcher said. “Loopy will have a positive impact on STEM education, laying the foundation to make it more fun for children at the earliest levels of education (kindergarten to second grade) to learn computational thinking as a pre-cursor to computer science.”

To read the full story, click here.

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