Tech Talk: How to beat ‘back porch pirates’

With thieves snatching packages left outside homes and apartments, retailers and delivery services are sharing tips on how to defeat "back porch pirates." (MONTCO.Today file photo.)

It’s easy for so-called porch pirates to snatch packages from your front door or apartment building stoop, and amid the rise of online retail giants, such as Amazon, package theft is in the spotlight.

But just as online shopping brought porch pirates to the forefront, tech companies and shippers have been coming up with solutions to combat it, writes Alison Kite at

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Here are a few tips from tech companies and shippers to avoid having your cargo stolen.

◊ UPS recommends customers have packages “sent to where they are — not where they are not.”

◊ If you’re ready to let Amazon in your house, Amazon Key allows delivery inside your front door for free. The Amazon Key kit starts around $210 for a keypad entry, camera, and streaming capabilities, but after that, Prime members get the in-home delivery service for free.

◊ Some shippers, such as UPS, will let you give specific instructions on where to drop your package.

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