Horsham-based Toll Bros. conquering the west

Martin Connor, Chief Financial Officer at Horsham-based Toll Brothers, is worried about salary and benefit costs as demand for new homes continues to grow.

Toll Brothers is heeding the words of author and newspaper editor Horace Greeley by heading west — that is, west of the Mississippi River.

Toll Brothers has been known mainly as a Northeast and Mid-Atlantic home builder based out of Horsham. But the company founded by Bruce and Bob Toll today is moving ever westward, with roughly half of its business now derived from states west of the Mississippi, writes Erin Arvedlund in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Toll Brothers has grown its operations steadily and seeing significant growth California, where the local company saw a 56 percent increase in contracts.

“Acquisitions of builders in Seattle in 2011, California in 2014, and Boise in 2017, as well as quality land purchases across all our western markets, have led to significant growth,”  said Douglas Yearley, Toll Brothers chief executive officer. “California and the West region combined for 47 percent of our revenues” in the fourth quarter.

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