From CHESCO: Daughter of County’s Wealthiest Resident a Growing Force in the Shoe Industry

Image of Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt via Footwear News.

Starting a new shoe label isn’t easy, especially in today’s competitive environment, but Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt have found a formula that has propelled them to the top in only three years, writes Stephanie Hirschmiller for Footwear News.

The daughter of Campbell Soup heiress and Chester County’s wealthiest resident (Mary Alice Dorrance Malone), she co-launched the breakout label Malone Souliers in 2014. Now, it has around 350 points of sale, earned the Footwear News 2017 Vivian Infantino Emerging Talent Award, and achieved a celebrity following.

According to the pair, their road to success lies in a strong work ethic. Malone got started as a junior dressage champion who was selected for the U.S. Olympic team, and it taught her a lot about self-discipline.

“These habits are necessary to get things done,” said Malone.

Another important factor is to know your market. Malone Souliers shoes are designed to seamlessly transition from a meeting to a date and everything in between.

“I want them to be shoes that women can feel beautiful in and experience their life in,” said Malone.

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