Roasting Rabbi Coffee growing through social media

Roasting Rabbi Coffee, is up and running through online sales, growing through social media, too. (Image courtesy

For Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein, roasting coffee is a personal experience.

He started roasting his own coffee about four years ago, and developed a love and fascination for the practice, from getting the coffee from the farmer to processing and preparing the beans, writes Rachel Kurland in the Jewish Exponent.

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“I loved that level of detail and found it to speak very much to my Jewish values,” he said.

Last year, Becker-Klein, who grew up in Blue Bell, Montgomery County,  purchased his own commercial roaster that produces 2.2 pounds at a time.

Now, his business, Roasting Rabbi Coffee, is up and running through online sales, growing through social media, too.

But Becker-Klein was drawn to the industry and coffee itself, being the fuel for many things like socializing, conversing and building community.

“The way in which people will gather around a coffee shop or a coffee experience to talk about the experience of life, the news of the day, is very powerful to me,” he said.

Becker-Klein gets the beans from small farms or community groups from across South America.

One farm he buys from in Brazil sits on 200 hectares owned by a single family. Employees can live on the farm, where they receive health care and a school on-site for their children.

He roasts as orders come in to keep them as fresh as possible. Orders come ground or whole for $12 a bag. He eased into the website only about two months ago and has since processed more than 50 orders.

Down the road, he hopes to add individual messages of Judaism on the back of each bag, unique to each blend. (The front is currently adorned with a caricature rabbi based on Becker-Klein.)

He also plans on reaching out to different groups within Jewish, interfaith, Christian and Muslim communities to emphasize that idea of building community.

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