Ardmore brewers add globetrotting to the menu

Founded in 2011, Tired Hands' main location is its fermentaria and restaurant in Ardmore. The brewery also has a cafe and general store in the suburban town.(MONTCO.Today file photo)

A good pour of beer over the holidays can be a tasty part of the cheer shared with family and friends.  And some of us go to great lengths to get it.

Beer road trips are inspirational and recreational, and handy apps can point us in the right direction.

Ardmore brewers Jean Broillet IV and Julie Foster of Tired Hands have traveled the world in search of craft beers that offer something different. They shared some thoughts with “Morning Edition” host Jennifer Lynn.

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The following is a Q&A with the craft brewing couple.

Julie, what’s your experience getting around and getting to taste beers from our region or even outside of our region?

Julie Hoster: Jean and I have traveled all over the world to try different breweries, pretty much ever since the day we met. It’s been an invaluable experience. Every brewery is a little bit different. We get to enjoy learning from the culture of other breweries as well as their facilities, how they set up their businesses.

Before we sat down today, one of you mentioned that you put a big group of your employees in a big van and took a road trip. What did you do? Where did you go? And who went?

Jean Broillet: So, when we were a much smaller company, we used to take field trips as a group. Now that we employ right around 100 people, we take departmental field trips. I decided to blow it out this year, so we rented a 15-passenger van, and every single member of our brewing staff hopped in, and we took a road trip up to Maine. [We] spent a really nice weekend without power in the woods of Newcastle, maine, and brewed beer via a generator.

To read the complete interview click here. 

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