Keystone Opportunity Center hires new executive director

Keystone’s food pantry serves over 1,100 people in the Souderton Area School District. (Image courtesy Keystone Opportunity Center)

Arlene Daily started her career in the for-profit world, but switched in the 1990s to working for nonprofit organizations, writes Bob Keeler for the Souderton Independent. 

“And I’ve been there ever since,” she said. “Life is really short and I wanted that time to be as valuable as it possibly could be, so I thought if I could spend my days working on trying to make changes, that would be way more important an investment of my time.”

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Daily, who started about a month ago as Keystone Opportunity Center’s new executive director, replaces E. Richard Aichele III, who retired in January, the story continues.

“Daily comes to Keystone with decades of experience in the nonprofit world. She has served in leadership positions in nonprofit organizations such as social service agencies, disease-fighting charities, arts organizations and community centers in Pennsylvania and New York City,” Keystone said in a release announcing Daily’s hiring. “She has worked locally, nationally and internationally, managing executive directors in chapter offices across the U.S., leading advocacy and lobbying efforts at the state and federal levels, building creative community alliances that advanced all involved and shepherding organizations out of debt.”

Keystone’s food pantry serves over 1,100 people in the Souderton Area School District, according to Keystone information.

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