Manor College the Most Affordable Catholic Institution in Pennsylvania

Anamata Hashmi, a Liberal Arts major and scholarship recipient at Manor College.

Manor College, located in Jenkintown, is an affordable and accessible institution that delivers excellent academic programs. Poised to celebrate its 70th birthday in 2017, Manor is the best-priced private Catholic institution in Pennsylvania and one of the most cost-effective, private, two-year colleges in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Manor College students work toward their associate’s degree during their time on campus, while simultaneously saving money on tuition. Upon graduation, students can choose to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year college to pursue their academic or professional goals.

As a symbol of its commitment to the community and to address the national call for keeping tuition within reach, Manor froze tuition for the entire 2016-2017 school year. Indeed, even new students who enroll for the first time this spring, and even as far out as the next summer session, will benefit from the 0 percent increase. The tuition freeze provides students with tangible opportunities for less debt and more financial freedom.

“Manor offers scholarships to both new and continuing students to assist with their educational goals; scholarships are merit-based so even if a student didn’t receive a scholarship as a freshman, they still have the opportunity to earn a scholarship as a sophomore,” said Chris Hartman, Director of Financial Aid at Manor College.

“We didn’t increase tuition this year, which helped students immensely.”

According to the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP), nearly 85 percent of full-time, first-year students attending a private college and university in Pennsylvania received financial aid. At Manor College, 96 percent of students receive financial aid.

“You have to account for the various factors together,” said Manor President Jonathan Peri. “When you’re able to tout the best price, one of, if not the very best, student teacher ratios of 9-to-1, a 96 percent student aid rate, a higher-than-national-average graduation rate, and a higher-than-national-average salary after graduation, the case for coming to Manor makes itself.”

“Several colleges are out there advertising, reducing their price, and/or raising their scholarship levels. We don’t have to make that case in the public eye, because we’ve held the line. That’s why we’re first.”

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