Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board Launches Second Shop Montco Campaign

The Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board has launched ticket booking engine OnceThere, which acts as an aggregate for multiple point-of-sales systems. ( file photo)

Following the success of its last Shop Montco Campaign, Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board is launching part 2, writes Donna Rovins for The Mercury Business.

Destination Shop Montco is a televised advertising campaign that aims to reach potential visitors from various markets such Washington D.C. and Baltimore. In addition to television ads, the campaign will include social media and radio campaigns.

According to Edward Harris, chief marketing officer for the Board, the campaign is scheduled to run through the end of the week of Labor Day. There will also be prizes available on the agency’s website including a $1,000 shopping spree in Montgomery County.

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“This is the prime time shopping season as people are transitioning to fall,” said Harries. “Through this campaign, we are hoping to attract a lot of visitors to discover our content and all the other things you can do beyond shopping.”

The agency is also planning more initiatives for September, including teaming up with SEPTA to bring more visitors to Montgomery County.

“With SEPTA having 49 train stops in Montgomery County, this is a chance to get more people from Philly into our small towns,” said Harris.

Read more about Valley Forge’s new marketing campaign at The Mercury Business by clicking here.

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