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Over 120 years ago, Hatfield Quality Meats started as a simple wagon delivering meat to Philadelphia and has since grown into a large family business dedicated to farming, transporting, and distributing quality pork products.

Tax Accountant

This position prepares state income and franchise tax returns, assists with various tax related requests including uniform capitalization calculation and farm price method calculation, and prepares quarterly and annual estimated tax payments and extensions.

The ideal candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting, one to three years of work experience with US corporate income tax compliance and tax provision preparation, and experience with OneSource, Sage Fixed Assets, and SAP.

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Electronics Technician

This position repairs and installs production or processing equipment, completes quality electrical and electronic maintenance work, troubleshoots and repairs modern automated equipment, and implements proper remedies for complex problems.

The ideal candidate will possess five years of experience in the industrial field, strong knowledge of mechanical, electronic, electrical, computer, and programming principles used in automated processes, and knowledge of computer hardware and controllers.

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Nurse Practitioner

This position performs physical examinations and preventive health measures, records physical findings and formulates a plan and prognosis, and prescribes or recommends medications or other forms of treatment for patients.

The ideal candidate will possess a master’s degree in nursing and a minimum of one year of clinical experience as a nurse practitioner in an ambulatory care, occupational health, family practice, or emergency department setting.

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