Senator Casey Calls on Kellogg to Explain Planned Closure of Horsham Plant

Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. has asked Kellogg to explain the planned closures of its suburban distribution centers including its Horsham plant.

Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. has sent a letter to Paul Norman, president of Kellogg’s North America division, requesting details on its planned closure of several Pennsylvania facilities, writes Joseph N. DiStefano for

The closures were announced last winter when the company decided to scrap its direct-to-store distribution system in favor of using a retail company distributor. This is similar to the one used by Walmart, America’s largest store retailer and Kellogg’s biggest customer.

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In addition to directly impacting Kellogg employees, the closures threaten a number of smaller businesses. These include regional truck and van delivery firms that are contracted to distribute Kellogg’s diverse range of delicious products.

In the letter, Casey urged Kellogg to continue its “long-standing commitment to the Pennsylvania workforce” and explain its “plans for suburban distribution centers throughout the state.”

He also asked Kellogg to clarify the potential impact on its Horsham, East Hempfield and Pittsburgh plants and whether it would affect those employees.

Read more about the request at by clicking here.

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