Millennials Take on Political Challenges in Norristown

Spurred on by the current political climate, a number of millennials in Norristown are taking matters in their hands by running for political office. (Image via NewsWorks)

Spurred on by the challenging political climate and a desire for change, a number of Norristown millennials are taking the matters in their own hands by running for political office, writes Annette John-Hall for NewsWorks.

Shae Ashe, a 27-year-old former volunteer with the Norristown Project, recently held a fundraiser to support his run for the Norristown school board election on May 16. One of the key factors in his decision to run was President Donald Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education.

“Norristown has a lot of challenges,” said Ashe. “Her plan for more school vouchers and less funding for public schools hurts a school district like Norristown where there is a budget problem every year,” said Ashe.

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He also spends his time convincing his friends to run for office including twenty-two-year-old Rebecca Smith. However, Smith, who is a Bernie Sanders supporter, did not need a lot of coaxing to run for the Municipal Council in Norristown. She said that after seeing her hometown decline over the years, getting into politics is her way of doing something about it.

“I hope we can support the small businesses in Norristown because that’s where Norristown can grow and flourish,” said Smith.

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