Conshohocken Entrepreneur Launches New Dining App

Conshohocken native and entrepreneur, Josh Hoffman has launched the GamePlan app to help people find places to get together for dining and drinks.

On May 1, Conshohocken native and entrepreneur Josh Hoffman, launched the GamePlan app to help people find nearby places to get together for dining and drinks, writes Kenneth Hilario for Philadelphia Business Journal.

Hoffman came up with the idea while studying at the University of Central Florida. At that time, he found finding somewhere new to go out with his friends for a bite to eat and maybe a few drinks was never simple.

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However, instead of complaining, Hoffman decided to channel his energy into creating an app to solve this issue for its users. To achieve this, he gathered together his current development team to create the restaurant-and-bar platform to help people decide where to go.

The app allows users to narrow down the list of nearby restaurants by inputting their preferences such as type of food, price range, delivery or take-out, and specialized dietary requirements such as gluten-free. The app then comes back with five suggestion based on those parameters.

However, his work is not done yet, as there is still one issue to overcome.

“Intelligent agents are good at the objective, but decisions where people are deciding which restaurant to go to is subjective,” said Hoffman. “That’s one of the biggest challenges.”

Read more about the GamePlan app at Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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