New Initiative Gives Voice to Montgomery County Residents

The ‘On the Table’ Greater Philly initiative will give Montgomery County residents a platform to share ideas and solution to strengthen their community.

A new initiative in Montgomery County will give residents an opportunity to share their concerns about their community and come up with ideas and solutions to help strengthen them, writes Arlene Edmonds for Germantown Courier.

The ‘On the Table’ Greater Philly initiative will take place across the region, with a target date set for May 23. The host will pick the time and location, and will vary from breakfast, to coffee, to dinner. The logistics for the gathering will be taken care of by its sponsors, the Philadelphia Foundation and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The program was announced by Pedro A. Ramos, president of the Philadelphia Foundation, and Patrick Morgan from the Knight Foundation’s Philadelphia office. Both have expressed their excitement at seeing members of the community throughout the Delaware Valley getting involved in the new initiative.

“The Knight Foundation is sponsoring this program in communities in Philadelphia that have deep roots,” said Morgan. “We wanted to provide relaxed atmospheres to engage the community. We know that when you bring people together through a meal, with food as the common denomination, that people feel more relaxed and open.”

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