Bryn Athyn College Introduces the “Long Night Against Procrastination” Event

Bryn Athyn College is offering its students a fun way to study with the “Long Night Against Procrastination” event which is held every term.

Studying is not usually associated with fun, but “The Long Night Against Procrastination” event at Bryn Athyn College aims to change that.

Introduced for the first time last year by dean of faculty, Wendy Closterman, the event is already a hit among students. During the LNAP the college’s Swedenborg Library remains open until 2:00 am. This provides students with additional time in a common space where they can tackle their assignments.

During the event, prizes are offered for different accomplishments. The café also remains open to provide much needed sustenance while extra goodies are provided by the alumni association.  Past events have seen special guests make an appearance, including a masseuse and a therapy dog that helped to bring extra calm and relaxation to the space.

“I love combining work and play, and that’s the idea behind these events,” said Ann Buss, head of student support at Bryn Athyn College, adding that another benefit is that it helps students develop a positive association with the library, starting to see it as a hub for joint learning rather than just a room full of books.

“We aim to celebrate the slog of learning and study, not just the end result of a finished project.”

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