Architect-Turned-Artist from Bala Cynwyd Converts Baseballs into Keepsakes

Emily Wolfson ditched a career as an architect in the mid-1990s to paint baseballs, and her business, Unforgettaballs, has been booming ever since. (image via Philadelphia Inquirer)
$100 Unforgettaballs’ baseball.

Bala Cynwyd resident Emily Wolfson has been painting baseballs for 22 years.

The former architect who reveled in the detail that architectural drawings demand ditched her career in the mid-1990s to paint baseballs, and she’s never looked back, writes Dan Geringer for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“You couldn’t find souvenir baseballs with images on them anywhere,” said Wolfson. “I painted an American flag on a baseball. I thought, ‘Wow! This is like a cool, Andy Warhol kind of pop art.’”

The 50-year-old Wolfson has designed 150 Unforgettaballs, and sells 10,000 every year through her website.

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Nationally, her bestsellers are Yankee Stadium, the 2016 Cubs World Series, and Jackie Robinson. A local bestseller is the Phillies 2008 World Championship ball depicting “the joyous team mobbing Brad Lidge and Carlos Ruiz on the mound, and a Game 5 ticket torn in two, representing the two nights it took to play the deciding game due to a stormy-weather delay.”

Wolfson even has a series of balls for special occasions.

“I have your wedding through your wedding anniversary Unforgettaballs, and a when-you’re-pregnant through a baby’s first Unforgettaball,” she said. “I can go through your whole life with Unforgettaballs.”

Click here to read more about Emily Wolfson’s Unforgettaballs in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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