Budding Dresher Meteorologist Offers Weather Forecasts for 11,000 Member Facebook Group

Mike Felt, a budding meteorologist from Montgomery County, is offering weather forecasts to the over 11,000 members of his Facebook page. (Image via Philly Voice)

Mike Felt, a budding meteorologist from Dresher, is offering his own weather forecasts to the over 11,000 members of his Facebook group, writes John Kopp for Philly Voice.

Felt discovered his fascination with weather at an early age after witnessing a thunder storm with his father. He then took to books and documentaries to study the science behind weather, and while still at high school, launched a meteorology group on Facebook offering his own weather forecasts.

The page, Mid Atlantic Weather Center, quickly grew and has over 11,000 members. Felt, now a freshman at Penn State Abington, said his forecasts have become so popular that people ask him for weather updates for their upcoming travel.

Felt’s goal is to start his own weather company or work for the National Weather Service. But for now he is finishing his general education classes, and plans to formally study meteorology and atmospheric science.

Meanwhile, providing his forecasts online has already shown him the pressure faced by professional meteorologists. He is met with praise when his forecasts are correct, but when not he receives harsh criticism.

“That’s part of forecasting,” he said. “You just have to put up with it.”

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