Toll Brothers Adjust to Changing Home Design Trends with Lanais

With regional distinction among homes fading, Horsham’s Toll Brothers is adjusting by offering covered outdoor living areas called lanais in all its markets.

While home design styles vary greatly around the country, some unifying trends have started to emerge prompting Horsham’s Toll Brothers to offer some design options in all of its markets, writes Michele Lerner for The Washington Post.

Tim Gehman, director of design for Toll Brothers home builders in Philadelphia, said that while each market has some design specifics, more and more these distinctions are fading.

Now, thanks to millennials asking for fewer formal rooms and more open space, Toll Brothers has started offering a covered outdoor living area known as a “lanai” in all its projects.

“These outdoor living rooms expand the usable living space and create a sense of privacy because they are at least partially covered,” said Gehman. “These are standard in our homes in California and Florida, but they are also very popular options in the D.C. region.”

Read more about the changing trends at The Washington Post by clicking here.

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