Looming Trade War with Mexico Could Hurt Philadelphia Region

Greater Philadelphia the 12th biggest exporter in the United States and Mexico is the regions third largest export market.

The debate over who will pay for Trump’s much vaunted wall along the border with Mexican might soon turn into a full-fledged trade war to the detriment of both Greater Philadelphia region consumers, and businesses that export their products south of the border, writes Fabiola Cineas for Philadelphia Magazine.

Trump has already floated the idea of a 20 percent tariff on Mexican goods, which would almost certainly ensure a reciprocal measure by the Mexican government.

According to Linda Conlin, president of the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia, the economic fallout of such actions would be enormous for the Greater Philadelphia region.

“If you put a tax on imports, you’re going to be affecting consumer prices in the United States for Mexican goods,” she said.

With Philadelphia being the 12th biggest exporter in the country and Mexico being its third largest export market, it makes the southern neighbor a very important market for the Greater Philadelphia region.

A retaliatory tariff by Mexico “would serve to depress our exports going into Mexico, making U.S. goods and services that much more expensive,” she noted.

Read more about the consequences of possible trade war at Philadelphia Magazine by clicking here.


Top photo credit: Tyler Sprague Dawn in Philadelphia via photopin (license)

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