Conshohocken’s Mondo to Presents Its Sport and Contract Flooring at CASH Annual Conference


Conshohocken’s Mondo, a worldwide leader in the indoor sport, contract, and track and field flooring markets, will present its new rubber flooring at the CASH Annual Conference at the Sacramento Convention Center from February 20 to February 22.

Mondo prides itself on offering rubber flooring that is low maintenance, durable, safe, comfortable, quiet and environmentally friendly.

The manufacturer’s Mondoflex, Natura, and Harmoni rubber flooring will also be featured as part of the NextGen Experience section of the conference.

The NextGen Experience is a simulated learning space that is hands-on and designed to provide relevant content on the latest innovations for the interior of classrooms.

The space showcases several types of cutting-edge ideas such as architecture, flooring, technology, movable walls, furniture, lighting, and acoustics. It also provides attendees with the chance to try out the various types of new products and services during small group presentations.

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