CNN Anchorman Jake Tapper Better Known as Prankster to His Merion High School Classmates

Renown CNN Anchorman Jake Tapper is remembered by his fellow students at Bryn Mawr’s Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy as a cartoonist and prankster.

While known today as CNN’s expressive news anchor, to his Merion high school friends Jake Tapper will always be a school prankster who drew a dirty cartoon in the senior yearbook, writes Nick Vadala for

During his time at Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, Tapper served as class president and editor of the school paper and also gained notoriety as a cartoonist and prankster in his senior year.

His crowning achievement was using a Mad magazine folding style cartoon to hide a phallic prank within an elaborate drawing he made for the school’s 1987 senior yearbook. When folded properly, the page commemorating the school’s 40th anniversary instead displayed a penis.

Tapper was briefly suspended and assigned 75 hours of community service but still graduated and has been apologizing for years, according to his 12th-grade history teacher, Sharon Levin

Read more about Tapper’s pranking days at by clicking here.


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