How Would Pennsylvanian’s be Impacted If Obamacare Disappeared?

As questions swirl about how and when Obamacare might be repealed and replaced, Pennsylvania Health Funders Foundation delved into the details.

If President Trump and the Republicans controlling Congress follow through on promises to repeal and replace Obamacare, a lot would change in Pennsylvania and across the country.

Just how much change? The pro-Obamacare Pennsylvania Health Funders Foundation quantified a sudden death of the health care exchange in numbers, according to a report by Don Sapatkin.

For residents in the state, the elimination of the Affordable Care Act could expose 2.5 million on Medicare to high prescription drug costs, dispose of policies for 1 million on Medicaid or subsidized health insurance, block $3.6 billion from flowing into the state, shed 137,000 jobs, reverse a $2.7 billion increase in 2015 hospital revenues and affect 9.7 million in some way.

In its report on repealing Obamacare, the foundation also drilled down to the specific stats for Chester, Montgomery and Delaware counties, as well as each congressional district in the state.

Read more about the potential impacts of repealing Obamacare on here or see the full report here.


Top photo credit: MTSOfan Obama Care via photopin (license)

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