Fort Washington Company Builds Specialized Porsche 718 Exhaust Kit


A Montgomery County manufacturer of parts for high-end sports cars is helping take the sting out of the recent unwelcome change to the latest models of Porsche’s cars, writes Christian Gilbertsen for Yahoo!Sports.

Fort Washington’s Fabspeed Motorsport has developed and built an exhaust kit specifically for the Porsche 718 which has been embroiled in controversy since it was launched.

Due to downsizing and turbocharging, the Porsche 718’s atmospheric flat-six engine was replaced with a turbocharged flat-four. This has resulted in the loss of the unmistakable exhaust sound of the popular vehicle.

While the car itself has been praised for its agility and poise, this change in sound has been criticized by fans around the world. However, thanks to the new exhaust kit built by Fabspeed, the issue might be resolved. The new ‘boring’ sound is now polished by cracks and burbles that are activated in sport mode, and it offers a significantly more aggressive bark.

Not only that, but the Supercup Turboback Exhaust System developed by the Fort Washington manufacturer adds 10 horsepower as well as 13 foot-pounds of torque to the latest Boxster/Cayman. This makes the new kit an undeniable improvement to the official 718 exhaust.

Read more about the issue at Yahoo!Sports by clicking here.


Top photo credit: Reece Garside | Photography All Year Round via photopin (license)


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