From Sipping a Pint of Guinness in Ardmore to Lucrative Business Concept

TAPP's leadership team are (from left) Frank Golding, COO, Joe Callahan, co-founder and CTO, Jamie Robinson, founder and CEO, and Doug Spodak, V.P. of Product. (Image and caption via

tappThanks to an idea its founder had while enjoying a pint of beer at his favorite Ardmore pub, West Conshohocken’s TAPP Technologies is planning to revolutionize the beer marketing industry, writes Aswin Mannepalli for

Jamie Robinson realized that by placing a sensor in a beer tap, it would be possible for beer manufacturers to find out more about their customers and adjust their marketing accordingly.

Since then, he has turned this idea into reality through TAPP, which now offers breweries a tool that can better help them engage with their consumers.

TAPP’s device is a WiFi-enabled sensor that is placed inside a beer tap and gives beer companies not only consumption data, but also the ability to run interactive campaigns to entice beer drinkers. The company recently launched its pilot program in 70 bars in San Diego and New Orleans.

Robinson’s idea came at the perfect time, as traditional brewers are struggling despite the boom in craft brewers.

“Finding ways to activate customers at home or at a bar is extremely critical in this competitive environment,” commented Wharton marketing professor Patti Williams.

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