West Conshohocken Startup Promises to Shake Up Beer Industry with New Technology


tappTAPP Technologies, the West Conshohocken startup, has come up with a “smart tap” technology which has the potential to shake up the traditional marketing models of beer companies by transferring consumption data from the very moment a bartender takes an order, writes Alison Burdo for Philadelphia Business Journal.

“There has been no technology innovation in the beer tap since prohibition,” James Robinson, the co-founder and CEO of TAPP Technologies.

TAPP, which is priced at under $500, is a cloud-based, battery-powered mini-computer placed within the beer tap to turn it into a media distribution device.

This means that brewers can get consumption information in real-time from the intelligent tap. This makes it a potentially massive time saver for the $300 billion U.S. beer industry which still mostly uses site visits to track consumption preferences.

“Is it the beer bought with dinner or at the end of the night?” asked Doug Spodak, TAPP Technologies’ vice president of product management and development. “We can measure and timestamp the velocity of sales in real time.”

Read more about the new technology at Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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