Montgomery County Executive Using Photography to Bring Positivity to Election Blues


The South Philly house owned by Kate Mellina and Dave Christopher featuring uplifting phrases about voting and portraits of locals. (image via

Dave Christopher, an executive at Montgomery County’s Merck & Co. and his wife Kate Mellina, are bringing some light into the currently toxic election campaign by displaying photos of people holding positive signs such as “Vote,” “Relate,” and “Inspire,” in the 27 windows of their building in South Philadelphia, writes Alfred Lubrano for

The people featured in the photographs are all local artists, including singer Bobby Rydell, poet Julia Lopez, and architect Joel Spivak.

“We were getting so anxious over the divisiveness of this election,” commented Mellina.

The couple, both of who are artists themselves, decided to transfer positive feelings to other people by using the photo display. Christopher took all of the photographs that have been on display for a month. They will stay up until the post-election weekend.

The effect of the 18- by-27-inch, black-and-white photos on the street is striking, especially at night when they are illuminated by lights.

The couple has also posted more photos of their “flipping the election script” project at their blog at Unexpected Philadelphia.

Read more about the admirable efforts at by clicking here.

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