New Unisys Software Facilitates Crime Intelligence Sharing


To help expediate the capture of criminals, Unisys has released the Unisys Digital Investigator, its new information management system designed to assist law enforcement agencies in sharing critical investigative intelligence.

The new system is an upgraded version of the Blue Bell company’s Unisys Law Enforcement Application Framework. It includes a public portal that allows citizens to provide information to both law enforcement and public safety agencies and to track requests through their smartphones and other devices.

As one of the main tools of Unisys’ “Safe Cities” initiative, the Digital Investigator gives organizations the ability to take full advantage of information across technological and geographic boundaries. It also provides tools to capture and analyze the varied and complex data essential to law enforcement professionals when working on apprehending criminals and stopping criminal gangs and terrorists.

“The Unisys Safe Cities initiative was created to give justice and public safety organizations the solutions they need to better use data from sources like mobile devices and the Internet of Things to create a safe environment for the public,” commented Mark Forman, Unisys ‘ global head of public sector.


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