Bala Cynwyd Startup to Provide Play-By-Play Election Day Coverage


While news organizations tend to refrain from reporting early election results to avoid affecting turnout, Ken Smuckler of Bala Cynwyd has decided to provide people with real-time voting information through his new startup, VoteCastr, writes Ian Bush for CBS Philly.

Ken Smukler of VoteCastr
Ken Smukler of VoteCastr

“We will essentially become the play-by-play of the presidential and targeted senate elections,” said Smuckler.

The company will provide real time projections on Election Day showing who is winning the hotly-contested races, including the Toomey-McGinty race in Pennsylvania, through the website Slate. VoteCastr will report on who is leading and by what margin by comparing surveys, past results, and models of turnout.

Smuckler said that those living in Pennsylvania and other battleground states will not just be able to see who is winning statewide, but also at the county level.

“You’ll even be able to drill down to precinct level,” he added.

Smukler is also not worried that VoteCastr could suppress turnout. This “will engage and energize voters when they actually see the game being played,” he said. “They actually understand, particularly those who are living in a battleground state, just how important their vote is.”

Read more about the new app at CBS Philly by clicking here.

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