Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge Needs Urgent Repairs

Photo of the Washington Memorial Chapel courtesy of Heritage Memorials.

Built as a tribute to George Washington and the American Patriots of the Revolutionary War, the Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge needs crucial repairs, writes Bill Rohrer for Fox 29.

More than 50,000 people visit the chapel each year to soak in its history and marvel at the beautiful, red and blue, stained-glass windows. However, upon closer inspection, it’s clear that repairs are sorely needed to prevent further deterioration of this beautiful monument.

“Water coming through the stone, stripping out the minerals that are in the stone.” said Jason Griggs, chairman of the restoration campaign. “It is impossible to turn a corner without finding something else that needs repairs.”

To fix the roof and restore the limestone walls, the chapel has to raise $4.5 million to avoid being shut down.

“I think we would have a major gap in American culture. Some of the artwork is irreplaceable,” said historian Gardiner Pearson.

To help save the chapel, donation boxes are set in place for visitors and Pearson emphasized that every little helps.

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