For Montco’s Second Alarmer’s Platoons, Every Patient a New Mystery to Solve

Paramedic Sergey Tsipenyuk, left, and EMT Chris Santillo hop out of a Second Alarmer's ambulance at Abington Memorial Hospital. Photo courtesy of Morgan Zalot, NBC10.

Saving lives is nothing out of the ordinary for members of Montgomery County’s Second Alarmer’s platoons, writes Morgan Zalot for NBC10.

As the primary emergency medical service for nearby communities from their home base at Edge Hill station in Glenside’s North Hills section, the Second Alarmer’s platoons do not get much downtime during their shifts.

However, it is the love for the job that keeps the people working there going. Many even find supplemental EMS-related jobs to work on.

For Sergey Tsipenyuk, a paramedic and pre-hospital nurse, and his partner Chris Santillo, every patient they see during their shift is a new mystery to solve.

With each call, they work to piece the facts together and present as complete a picture as possible to the nurses, doctors, and other specialists who are awaiting their arrival at Abington Memorial Hospital.

For Tsipenyuk and Santillo, the job has both its positives and negatives, but at the end of each 12-hour shift, they know they have done their best to help.

Read more about Second Alarmer’s at NBC10 by clicking here.

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