Cooperation Among Pottstown’s Restaurateurs Helps Them Flourish

From left: Michael Falcone, Adam Burke, and Josh Davis. Photo courtesy of Nancy March, Digital First Media.

Several restaurateurs in Pottstown have joined forces over the years to share ideas and resources, which has helped them survive, where others have failed, writes Nancy March for The Mercury.

Not all owners of eateries on High Street were interested when Adam Burke, owner of Lily’s Grill, dropped by to introduce himself and pitch cooperation.

“If we all work together, we can help each other and succeed,” he said to other business owners. However, “some didn’t want to hear it. They thought it’s me versus you.”

Three years later, several places whose owners did not listen are out of business, while those who agreed with Burke are thriving.

Burke has formed an alliance of sorts with owners and chefs, such as Michael Falcone of Funky Lil’ Kitchen and Josh Davis of Freeland Markets.

Many others have seen the benefits of cooperation, including Frank Raski of Henry’s Café and the proprietors of Manatawny Still Works and Sly Fox Brewery.

“We share ideas,” said Davis. “I suggested Sly Fox try pretzel bites on the brewery menu. They tried it, and they’re great.”

Read more about the restaurateurs’ cooperation in The Mercury by clicking here.

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