President of Hatboro Federal Savings Recalls Climb from Bank Teller to CEO

Photo of Linda Roehner courtesy of Hatboro Federal Savings.

hatboro federal logoLinda Roehner started work as a teller at Hatboro Federal Savings two days after graduating from high school and has worked her way up to become the President and Chief Executive of the bank, writes Jane Von Bergen for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“You name it. I did it,” said Roehner. “Teller, accounting, loan servicing.”

Roehner added that making her way from teller to the top of the same bank has been a very rewarding experience.

“It’s nice to know that the board saw my hard work and achievements, and rewarded me,” she said.

Starting as a teller at Hatboro Federal carries a good chance of future advancement, according to Roehner, as the bank invests in its employees and tries to advance people.

While the bank she runs might be small, Roehner says that it has no intention of going anywhere.

“We’re here, and we’re here to stay,” she said. “That’s our motto. We don’t want to merge with other banks like everybody else does. We have this little niche, and I think we do it really well.”

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