Healing Harpist from Ireland Brings Her Art to Souderton

Photo of healing harpist Madeleine Doherty courtesy of Bob Keeler, Digital First Media.

Concert and healing harpist Madeleine Doherty recently visited Generations of Indian Valley in Souderton, writes Bob Keeler for The Lansdale Reporter.

Doherty, a resident of Ireland, originally trained as a Celtic harpist and singer there. She went on to study concert harp after she won a scholarship to study classical music in the United States.

Doherty first realized the healing power of her music when she sang and played to a woman who had been in a coma for seven days. As she sang, the woman opened her eyes and looked around before falling asleep. When Doherty spoke to the woman a month later, she was told that her singing had called the woman back.

“The pain was horrific, but your voice compelled me, and I knew I had to make a choice,” Doherty said, recalling the woman’s words.

According to Doherty, who started Harps for Healing in Ireland, sound and colors are already being used at a New Jersey hospital in treatments.

During her presentation at Generations, Doherty walked among the attendees while playing her healing harp, as the guests sat meditatively. One of the program’s attendees noted the effects of the sound.

“It penetrates everything. It goes into your body. It moves things that are literally set in stone,” the woman said.

Read more about the healing harpist in The Lansdale Reporter by clicking here.

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