Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board Launches Destination Montco Golf

With the golf industry never rebounding after the Great Recession, many courses were forced to close. Now, course managers are eager to find ways to get players on their greens. Yet, many don’t book tee times for singles, considered an inefficient use of precious course time.

As part of National Travel and Tourism Week, the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board has launched its latest brand: Destination Montco Golf.

The initiative – comprising a multifaceted ad campaign, golf-centric website and social media component – is designed to attract players to 54 of the most historic, scenic, and challenging holes in the nation.

Montgomery County’s agrarian history, which dates back to its Colonial beginnings, proved over the decades to be foundational to today’s golf industry. Former farmland provided ample real estate for the growth of golf courses, which attracted several high-profile designers like Donald Ross, the founding member and first president of the American Society of Golf Course Architects.

Montco touts the fact that there is not a single zip code within its borders that doesn’t have at least one location for a round of golf.

Mike Bowman

“Montgomery County has more than 300,000 yards of golf,” said VFTCB President and CEO Mike Bowman. “Placed end-to-end, they would total 170 miles.”

The VFTCB site includes not only details on courses, yardage, holes, and history but also information useful in using a golf outing as the cornerstone to a weekend escape.

Local estimates indicate golf bringing $80 million per year into Montgomery County, including sales of services, food, beverages, and merchandise.