BizzBuz: Four Writing Tools for Social Media Content


By Judith Lee

If you create social media posts for your company, you know how challenging it is to create original posts – over and over! Of course, for social media engagement, it’s important that you do. Below are four good writing tools that will help you maintain quality social media content.


WriteRackIf you need to post tweets that are longer than the maximum 140 characters, you’ll need to send a “tweetstorm,” or a series of tweets one right after the next. Doing this manually can be time-consuming. Instead of writing out each tweet, sign up for WriteRack and put your entire long tweet into the tool. It then divides it up, numbers it, and posts all of your tweets at once. Nice!

Slick Write

Slick-WriteSlick Write is a user-friendly website that analyzes your writing to find grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. You simply copy and paste your social content directly into an analysis window. Depending on the level of editing you want, settings can even be adjusted to catch mistakes like biased language and gender-specific pronouns.


help.plagtrackerOriginality is one of the most important components of any social media post. If you have a lot of competitors active on social media, you’ll want to stand out as a unique brand. Run all of your posts through the Help.PlagTracker website before you publish them. This helps you to ensure originality and avoid plagiarism.

Polish My Writing

after the deadlinePolish My Writing (also known as After the Deadline) is a user-friendly grammar correction website that goes a step further. You can use it to get style suggestions for your content. The words to be corrected are simply underlined in red, blue, or green (depending on the correction), so the writing isn’t cluttered or crowded as you edit.


4.6.2015 Judith LeeJudith Lee is a marketing and communications professional who focuses on social media and email marketing. She is a SCORE Volunteer and the Chair of the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce. She can be reached at 610-368-2058 or via email at


Top photo credit: Typing via photopin (license)

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