Appearance on Dr. Phil Gives Boost to King of Prussia’s Genomind

Genomind's flagship product, Genecept Assay, was recently featured on an episode of Dr. Phil. Photo courtesy of Genomind.

The flagship product of King of Prussia’s Genomind, a personalized medicine company, was recently featured on Dr. Phil. In the ensuing days, the company reported an increase in call volume by 600 percent and e-mail volume at 70 times the normal activity, writes John George of the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Genecept Assay – a genetic test designed to help clinicians make more informed treatment decisions for their patients with mental illness – was highlighted on the television program.

The test, which involves analyzing a DNA sample from a cheek swab, is used to help clinicians determine which medicines are likely to be the most effective for a person with a mental health condition based on their genetic makeup.

Dr. Phil McGraw, a psychologist and author, and his producers selected Genomind’s Genecept Assay to be highlighted as part of a program that focused on helping a family with a daughter who was struggling with a variety of mental health challenges.

“The outreach mainly was from patients or caregivers to patients who are looking for clinicians in their area who use the Genecept Assay,” said Rob Gibbs, Genomind’s chief commercial officer.

Gibbs said Genomind has been busy connecting patients to clinicians who can administer Genecept, or giving them information they can provide to their current clinician.

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