How to Handle Your Resume and LinkedIn Transitioning To or From a W-2 to Entrepreneurship


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What do you need to consider for your resume and LinkedIn if you are making a significant career change, either transitioning to or from a W-2 to entrepreneurship?

Below are some questions you might ask yourself. This list of questions is by no means a complete list, but a place to start.


  • Have you positioned yourself with your future forward in your banner, headline, About section, and keywords to build your new identity and personal brand?
  • Are you showcasing ongoing education, certifications, or training relevant to your future-forward position?
  • Are you participating in the right networking groups, and have you built relationships or partnerships that would benefit you in the future?
  • Do you have recommendations on your LinkedIn profile?
  • Are you joining relevant groups on and off LinkedIn?


  • Have you considered changing the Owner/Founder title to Managing Director to look more like an employee unless your company name matches yours?
  • Have you quantified your accomplishments, noting how you made money, saved money, saved time, or improved processes?
  • Have you told a compelling story about why you are transitioning, what skills you bring, or why you have a keen interest in reinventing?
  • Are you prepared to explain any gaps you may have in your career?
  • Have you shown you have closed down your business or minimized your involvement so an employer won’t be concerned about you running your business during the workday?
  • Do you have a modern, solid base resume that you can “save as” to tailor to each job description? Is it free of an objective, references available upon request, no street address, and no AOL or Hotmail email address? Have you reviewed this “masterclass” for tips?
  • Are you conducting information interviews?

Client examples: dry cleaning store to Salsforce administrator | corporate strategy and consulting to nonprofit sustainability | makeup artistry to project management | real estate to sustainability | business owner of 45 years with no resume to sales | graphic designer 1099 to W-2


  • Have you built a LinkedIn Company page for your new endeavor?
  • Are you engaged in free mentoring with SCORE, the SBDC, or independent entrepreneurial coaches?
  • Are you engaged in learning at workshops with SCORE, the Great Careers Groups, or the Thought Leadership Branding Club or other community groups or coaches?
  • Have you joined the Chambers of Commerce or your local business association?
  • Are you writing and speaking publicly to showcase your expertise?
  • Do you have your finances set up forl living while you build your brand until you can get adequate client work?
  • Have you written a business plan?
  • Do you have a plan for effective marketing and advertising?
  • Do you know how to clearly articulate your unique value proposition to differentiate yourself from your competition?
  • Do you have the right software tools and professional services to help you run your business efficiently?

Client examples: human resources to HR consulting | technology to disability services | business development to franchise coaching | executive administration to career services | human resources to career counseling | higher education to consultant


“If you can dream it, you can do it!” (Silverstein, 1981 for GE)

No matter what, ensure you pay attention to details and that your resume and LinkedIn profile match with dates. I have heard that people have had offers rescinded due to inconsistencies.

If you are employed and want a side gig, you can still have a company page and not connect it to your personal profile, in case you didn’t know.

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