A New Fiction Bookstore Has Opened in Chestnut Hill, Attracting ‘Nerds’ of All Kinds


High Fashion Halloween Happy Hour by Gerhard’s Appliances.
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The showroom opening will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and guests are encouraged to come in costume to the “high fashion extravaganza.”

The opening of a new bookstore in Chestnut Hill is a celebration of Gralin Hughes Jr. and Sara Zia Ebrahimi Hughes’ love for comics and fiction, writes Earl Hopkins for The Philadelphia Inquirer

The couple, who have been married for a decade, recently opened the doors to ‘Multiverse,’ a new curated nerd space for fellow fans of comics.

Customers can be immersed in popular DC and Marvel titles, an array of acclaimed authors, puzzles, games, and numerous collectibles, as well.

“We really wanted to create a space that was welcoming for everybody from different backgrounds and different world experiences,” said Gralin.

The name, ‘multiverse,’ is one that represents a place where fans of each of these concepts from all walks of life can exist in a single space.

Daniel Farmer, a Multiverse customer, is excited to see a new BIPOC-owned comic bookstore transform the Chestnut Hill neighborhood. 

“I think it’s really special that this is on the Hill, and it’s really going to represent a new kind of openness and availability for more people to come up and enjoy,” he said.

The addition of the new comic bookstore can be a catalyst for reshaping people’s minds on what comic book stores can represent overall, while benefiting the neighborhood’s diverse community.

Learn more about Multiverse in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Philadelphia is filled with many bookstores and spaces for readers.

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