For Eagles Star from St. Joe’s Prep, Failures Lead to Success

D'Andre Swift during his dominant high school years at St. Joe's Prep.
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D'Andre Swift during his dominant high school years at St. Joe's Prep.

In high school, D’Andre Swift once had a seven-touchdown game for his St. Joe’s Prep football team. However, a loss against rival La Salle is even more memorable to him, writes Aaron Carter for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

It’s a level of humility that Swift often exudes that plays a small role into his success.

The humility is coupled with his hard work, which, at the very least, has kept pace with his talent.

During the Eagles’ game last week against the Minnesota Vikings, Swift scored a touchdown while rushing for a career-best 175 yards.

When asked about the last time he had such a prolific rushing performance, Swift joked, “Every time we played La Salle.”

While those elite performances are great, there is a reason his losses stand out more.

For Swift, it forces him to think about the “why,” consider what he could have done better to change the outcome, and use it to better himself for the next game.

His “perfectionist mindset” has kept him going all through high school, to college, his first few years in the National Football League with the Detroit Lions, and now with the Eagles.

Read more about D’Andre Swift and his drive for competition in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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