Many Montgomery County Engaged Couples Are Choosing Lab Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds of various colors.
Image via Wikipedia.
Lab-grown diamonds of various colors.

Jewelers in Montgomery County and around the Philadelphia area are seeing a surprising trend among engaged couples, writes Erin McCarthy for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

They are opting for a lab diamond engagement ring instead of one that was mined.

L. Priori Jewelry, which has a location in King of Prussia, and Brilliant Earth, which has a shop in the King of Prussia Mall, are seeing more couples come in asking about lab diamonds.

Jasmine Ma wanted a lab diamond for two reasons. She was concerned about the diamond mining’s history of human rights violations, and she thought the extra money could be used for a downpayment on a house.

Lab grown diamonds usually cost 50% to 70% less than mined diamonds.

“To me, it didn’t make any sense to put that much into something when no one can tell the difference,” Ma said.

Read more about the growing trend at ArcaMax.

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