Learn from WSFS Bank How to Protect Your Small Business from Asset Loss and Fraud at Today’s NoonZoom

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Recent events in banking have brought new attention to the financial services industry and have business leaders wondering if they are taking the right steps to ensure their money is safe.

Join a pair of experts from WSFS Bank to learn the several ways to safeguard against threats like fraud or market volatility.

On Tuesday, June 27, American Community Journals — the parent company of MONTCO Today — will host a NoonZOOM to inform small business owners and senior managers about the steps they can take to put effective cash management, business continuity, and fraud prevention in place.

NoonZOOMs are a series of informal sessions that are both interesting and insightful and dive into issues and topics suburban Philadelphians want to know more about.

On June 27, WSFS Bank Senior Vice Presidents Ray Abbott (Cash Management Division Manager) and Phil Corradino (Regional Manager) will discuss various types of fraud that small businesses commonly face and offer practical advice to mitigate risks, emphasizing the establishment of a strong internal control system and segregating financial duties.

Drawing from their combined 60-plus years of experience in the financial services industry, they’ll also discuss the importance of understanding how FDIC insurance for businesses works, staying updated on fraud trends, adopting advanced technologies like encryption and secure payment systems, and how all these steps and more play a key role in your business continuity planning.

A brief Q&A will follow their discussion.

WSFS is the oldest and largest locally headquartered bank and trust company in the Greater Philadelphia and Delaware region. Serving others is fundamental to the bank’s mission and grounds its purpose. WSFS serves by listening, caring, collaborating, volunteering, and “getting things done” for those who rely on the bank to be there for them.

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