Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to Use Cloud Technology to Oversee Venues That Include Its 22 Montgomery County State Stores

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Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has decided to implement a cloud migration project to transfer its operations to Oracle’s cloud-based financial and supply chain solutions to help it navigate major changes in both its business model and customer expectations, writes Oracle.

The technology will be used at all state stores that continue to operate in the Commonwealth, including the 22 in Montgomery County.

“We’re a government agency, but we’re in a retail/wholesale environment,” said Michael Demko, the PLCB’s executive director. “The new system will give us the data to manage the business for the future.”

For decades, PLBC was Pennsylvania’s only legal retailer of wine and spirits for off-premises sales. Recent changes in state law have allowed licensed private retailers to sell wine, which increased PLCB’s wholesale business.

Last year, PLCB sold $528 million worth of wine and spirits to licensees. Now, the control board’s mission is focused on meeting the expectations of its wholesale and retail customers, which includes growing and improving its online sales and other web services.

“For decades, we didn’t have to compete,” said Elizabeth Brassell, PLCB’s director of policy and communications. “ We didn’t have to innovate. As the business has evolved and competitors entered the marketplace, there’s a desire to operate as a much more effective organization.”

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