7 Ivy-League Schools Vie for Standout Norristown High School Student, Who Feels ‘Very Blessed’

Ikram Ibidakpo
Image via CBS News Philadelphia.
Ikram Ibidakpo.

Soon-to-graduate Ikram Ibidakpo — a Norristown resident originally from West Africa — has performed so spectacularly at Norristown Area High School that seven Ivy League schools want him. Madeleine Wright, profiled this very smart, very humble student for CBS News Philadelphia.

Ibidakpo came to the United States from the Republic of Benin, between Togo and Nigeria. He was only eight when he came here, and he arrived with only his father and brothers, as his mother passed away the year prior.

“Coming from Africa to here was like, a big cultural difference,” he said. “[G]etting adjusted to the school, the new language, the new culture — that was really hard.”

Ibidakpo thrived academically at Norristown Area High School. His academic record shows a 4.8 GPA across a roster that included 12 advanced-placement classes.

In total, Ibidakpo has amassed 13 colleges and universities who want him. Seven are in the Ivy League:

“I’m pretty excited,” Ibidakpo said. “Very blessed.”

Ibidakpo reacted joyously to the Princeton acceptance letter; however, he has said his preference is for Yale.

More on gifted student (and reported good guy) Ikram Ibidakpo is at CBS News Philadelphia.


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