Unconventional Jobs That Pay Well  

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If you’re in-between jobs or are looking for a new and exciting career path, there are plenty of unconventional positions you may not have even heard of. Here are jobs off-the-beaten path that also pay well, according to Zippia.  

Color Expert 

Average annual salary: $64,237  

Are you an expert in psychology and color theory? Do you have an artistic side? Clients will often consult a color expert to determine the best hues to use for brands, interior design, or other projects.  

Costume Attendant 

Average annual salary: $54,168 

This person assists performers with quick costume changes. It requires basic training and is entry-level.  

Airplane Painter 

Average annual salary: $39,343 

Take your artistic skills to the runway…but not at Fashion Week. Airplanes often need their logos freshened up, that’s where painters with a creative eye and steady hand come in to give them a much-needed makeover.  

Braille Proofreader 

Average annual salary: $40,000 

Braille proofreaders check for any errors in a text so that blind readers can get the information they need.  

Pearl Diver 

This position would usually be at an oyster farm, but dive instructors leading tourist groups can also get paid to harvest pearls. Skilled divers could rake in $1,000 during peak pearl seasons.  

Marijuana Extractor 

Average annual salary: $50,000-$80,000 

This varies state-to-state, but if you’re a cannabis connoisseur you can become a professional extractor to create products, and make sure that they are at acceptable levels.  

Read more about unconventional jobs in Zippia.  

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