If You Have $200K to Invest, Becoming a Millionaire Is Within Reach

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If you have $200,000 to invest, then the dream of becoming a millionaire is well within your reach, writes Andrew Lisa for Yahoo!Finance.

Money experts recommend everything from financing fintech startups and investing in SPACs to real estate and equity investing. In the end, any success or failure depends fully on you.

“People need to remember to apply discipline, diversification, and patience in seeking a large return on their investments,” said certified financial planner Doug Dahmer, CEO and founder of Retirement Navigator. “That means choosing the wisest investments for you, and not just what is trending at that moment.”

Meanwhile the most straightforward and accessible path to two commas is the stock market, even if it is not the fastest one.

If you can wait, then the rule of 72 will ensure that your $200,000 becomes $1.6 million in 21.6 years. The simple formula shows how investors double their money in 7.2 years with 10 percent returns. The $200,000 becomes $400,000 in 7.2 years and $800,000 in 14.4 years, before it reaches the desired million dollar figure.

Fred Hubler, CEO and Chief Wealth Strategist for Creative Capital Wealth Management Group (ccwmg.com), likes to expand the definition of investing. “To most people, investing is limited to stocks and bonds, or mutual funds that invest in stocks and bonds.”

“In our 20 year experience of utilizing the asset classes of larger institutions and wealthy family, their use of alternatives is compelling. Alternative investments don’t always require large minimums, so with $200K we’d suggest a portion of that go into investments that are not stocks or bonds. They will have less liquidity and less market volatility.”

Among the alternatives are REITs and crowdfunding, which are open to everybody. The key here is to pursue “infinite returns,”  which are achieved by dividing any return into a $0 investment.

“The idea is simple,” said long-time real estate investor Brian Davis, founder of SparkRental. “After investing in a property and forcing equity through renovations, you then refinance to pull your initial investment back out. That leaves you with $0 of your own cash invested in the property, but you still own it.”

At the same time, “you can turn around and keep reinvesting the same money over and over again, each time adding another asset to your portfolio,” he added.

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