Six Signs You Should Go Part-Time  

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Full-time jobs aren’t for everyone, especially parents or students. Plenty of people work part-time jobs to better suit their lifestyle. Here are signs that you should cut back on your hours, according to  

Health Problems 

If you notice that your body is more fatigued, you’re getting sick often, and are having other health issues crop up, it’s probably a sign you need to slow down.  

Lacking Motivation  

Finding even the simplest of tasks overwhelming or struggling to get your day started are all signs you need a lifestyle change.  

Mood Changes 

If your job is affecting you emotionally and you have noticed mood swings as well as other mental health problems such as anxiety, it probably means that you’re overworking.  

No Lunch Break 

Grabbing a meal in the middle of the day is essential to nurturing your body. No one should starve themselves for the sake of work.  

You’re Exhausted but Can’t Sleep 

Overexerting yourself can deplete your energy. However, the stress that comes with work can also affect your sleep quality.  

You Can’t Stop Thinking About Work 

If you aren’t able to turn off your brain after a long day of work and find that you’re struggling with racing thoughts, that means it’s probably time for a shift to your work shifts.  

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