This Montgomery County Community Rates No. 2 on Statewide List of Richest ‘Cities’

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HomeStacks, a Raleigh, N.C., data analysis firm — presenter of statistics in “bite-sized” piece, hence the name — has analyzed Pennsylvania‘s richest cities in 2023 and ranked them accordingly. HomeStack’s Chris Kolman presented the results.

The report cites a few essentials for residents who might want to relocate to one of the tonier “cities” (the term is used loosely) in the Keystone State.

Most notable is a profession that pays $90,000 annually or better.

Some of that salary will be needed to cover home costs: Median residential real estate prices in these well-to-do sites average $190,000, a figure expected to rise two percent by the end of 2023.

Of the richest cities in the state, the number one affluent community in the Commonwealth is Fox Chapel, an affluent suburb in Allegheny County, outside of Pittsburgh.

Conshohocken is No. 2.

Its analysis yielded the following data:

  • Population: 9,104
  • Rank last year: 4
  • Median income: $112,212
  • Unemployment rate: 3.1 percent

Other than this Montgomery County mention, the closest noted community to the collar counties is Lititz; the Lancaster County spot rated No. 8.

The full ranking of Pennsylvania’s richest cities is at HomeStacks.


HomeStacks has identified the richest cities in Pennsylvania, but what did this 2019 national ranking reveal?

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