Local Technology Consulting Company Launches New Podcast

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Image via IT Edge.
Braedon Swindler, left, and Noah Eltringham.

You may have heard of local technology consulting company, IT Edge, in our publications before. Founded over 30 years ago, IT Edge has been dedicated to helping small businesses all throughout Chester County ever since.

Now you can get IT Edge’s professional help and advice completely free of charge. It may seem too good to be true, but it is. IT Edge has launched a new podcast dedicated to helping small businesses educate themselves and strategize in such a diverse business climate.

Want to know more about how you can listen to this new exclusive podcast? Keep reading!

What Is It About?

Ever since their foundation, IT Edge has been dedicated to helping small businesses any way they can. So, they decided to take to a largely consumed media platform. After all, what better way to help people than broadcasting their knowledge and expertise to the general public.

IT Edge’s new show, Talk’n Tech, covers a variety of topics that IT Edge has vast knowledge of. From digital marketing strategies to pieces of technology that are essential to your business, IT Edge discusses it all in their brand new medium. Hosts Braedon Swindler and Noah Eltringham are sure to leave no stone unturned over the course of this new project.

In the first episode, IT Edge’s digital marketing team took the reins in order to spread awareness about an extremely powerful, free marketing tool, the Google Business Profile. Swindler and Eltringham answered common questions they get about Google Business Profiles, and discussed steps that a business can take in order to set up and manage a quality profile.

Where Can I Listen?

With one episode live and one debuting soon,Talk’n Tech is available on all major podcast streaming platforms such as: Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube, and more. 

Although only one episode is available for listening right now, IT Edge has big plans for Talk’n Tech in the near future. In order to best help small businesses and listeners, IT Edge will be releasing two episodes a month, complete with guests from the local community, business strategies they think are helpful, and pieces of technology they know are essential to run your business.

Find the very first episode of Talk’n Tech right here!

Connect With IT Edge Today

While IT Edge thinks it’s important for the general public to have a savvy understanding of business and technology, they know it’s not for everyone. If you find yourself listening to their podcast, and not understanding something, don’t resign yourself to confusion. IT Edge wants you to connect with them.

For over 30 years IT Edge has been building personal relationships based on their knowledge and genuine care about small businesses in Chester County. This is why they encourage open conversations with their clients, or anybody else who may not be understanding a piece of information. So, if you find yourself with a question or are simply confused, IT Edge wants you to reach out to them.  

Find episode one of Talk’n Tech right here, or on any other major podcast streaming platform. Learn how to market and grow your business with IT Edge.

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