Marketing Mastery with IT Edge: Make Your Google Business Profile Serve You

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A Google Business Profile is arguably one of the most important tools that a modern day business can seize and use to their advantage. Unfortunately, among many small businesses, Google Business Profiles can be neglected, which leads to potential customers choosing different businesses for their services or products.

On this edition of Marketing Mastery, IT Edge will be bringing you valuable information on how to make the best use of your Google Business Profile, as well as what it is, and how it can help your business. Interested in learning more? Keep reading!

What Is a Google Business Profile? 

Even if you’re an inexperienced tech user, a Google Business Profile is relatively easy to understand. Put simply, a Google Business Profile is an official, verifiable profile for your business. This profile is available when using a Google search, Google Products, and Google Maps.

This profile, when optimized correctly, will show up whenever potential customers are searching for products or services related to the ones that your business provides. This makes it easy for people to discover your business, and contact you directly if they have questions or motivations to enlist your products and services.

The Google Business Profile can be a great method of promotion and advertising for your business, but it’s important to have it set up correctly, or else potential customers may be left with more questions than answers. 

Want to know what information is important to include on a Google Business Profile?

Vital Information for Your Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile can provide potential customers with important information about your business, but it’s important for you, as the business owner, to supply that information on your Google Business Profile. 

There are several important pieces of information that need to be provided when creating and optimizing a Google Business Profile, such as:

  • A Link to your Website
  • A Business Address
  • Services or Products Offered
  • Hours of Operation
  • A Phone Number
  • A Business Description

Each of these categories offer valuable information to a customer who may be interested in your products and services. 

Another important piece of information to pay attention to on your Google Business Profile are the reviews that customers leave you. Whether they are positive or negative reviews, it’s important to engage with them to let customers know that you care.

Encouraging customers to leave reviews on your Google Business Profile is a great way to have your profile become more noticeable. The more that a profile is interacted with, the more the Google algorithm will favor it. So, if you have current customers leaving you positive reviews on your profile, you will be more likely to gain more viewers to your Google Business Profile or visits to your website and business.

Contact IT Edge Today

IT Edge knows how difficult running a small business can be. Handling the day to day operations of a business can be stressful, not to mention setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile. That’s why IT Edge is here for you.

IT Edge offers a team of digital marketing professionals that know exactly how to set up and optimize your Google Business Profile. This way, you can focus on running your business and its day to day operations, and IT Edge can handle the marketing side, helping you grow your business.

To get started, contact IT Edge today.

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