One Montco Restaurant Has Two Notable Advantages: Great Food and Monday Hours

Dubu open Mondays
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An ethnic restaurant in Montgomery County is a delicious haven for diners who want to eat out on a Monday.

Area foodies looking to eat out on Mondays are generally out of luck, as most restaurants go dark after a busy weekend. But not all. Hannah Albertine’s piece in Philadelphia Magazine cited Dubu as one that’s open at the onset of a week, serving excellent fare.

A 2021 Mental Floss article examined the logic behind the closure of commercial kitchens on Mondays.

In short, data show that it’s the least profitable day of the week for a restaurant to open.

Diners have generally blown their budgetary allocations for dining out during the latter part of the work week — and definitely by the weekend.

Further, it gives the chefs, kitchen staff, and servers a day to decompress before facing another set of 12- to 14-hour days.

And although diners may find it inconvenient, they may benefit as well: Many restaurant deliveries occur on weekends, meaning that when an eatery’s doors reopen on Tuesdays, the menu is full of fare made from fresh ingredients.

The Montgomery County gem countering the industry norm is Dubu in Elkins Park.

Its Korean menu has several stand-outs: crispy haemul pajeon (a seafood-and-scallion pancake), stone-potted kimchi soondubu (tofu stew), and spicy marinated daeji bulgogi (marinated, grilled pork).

More on Dubu and other Monday-accessible dining spots is at Philadelphia Magazine.


A bit more detail on the justification of restaurants’ Monday closures.

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